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Pigeon Holing

I’m doing a lot of thinking about what to name my blog. I even attended a workshop with Jerry Waxler, who discussed the importance of a strong, relevant name. Here’s my issue:  I’m ALMOST (using that term again) at the point where I want to shop around my manuscript, LIVING WITH GHOSTS. This narrative non-fiction memoir is an exploration of the ripple effect of post-traumatic stress disorder on three generations — my parents, the Survivors, me as the direct descendant, and my children — as a result of the Holocaust.

But, besides memoir (thank you Jerry Waxler), I also dabble in flash fiction (thank you Randall Brown), science fiction (thank you Robert Silverberg), personal essay (thank you Chris Ortwein), and humor (thank you to the late Erma Bombeck). Ergo, I cannot focus my blog or its name solely on memoir or generational impact. I’m looking for a broader scope of terminology to define my writing, which at this point, is all over the board. Or all over the notebook. Or all over the laptop. Too messy.

So, if you have a catchy name, please consider letting me in on it! Thanks!


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