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My first public appearance!

Rosemont Book Festival


May 4 | 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. | Connelly Green at Rosemont College

I’ll be appearing at the first annual book festival at Rosemont College. This new festival is designed to support authors, small indie publishers, literary journals and the community of book buyers. In addition to the many wonderful books, there will be panel discussions, small workshops and readings throughout the day.  I’ll be reading my short story The Price Is Right at 1:00 p.m. ish on Connelly Green. I will also be previewing Living with Ghosts. 

Rosemont College1400 Montgomery Avenue Rosemont, PA 19010 1.888.2.ROSEMONT / 610.527.0200

A Prayer in the…

A Prayer in the Wake of the Boston Marathon
by Mark Greenspan

We reach out to the people of America.
We pray for healing of body and soul
For all those who were injured
And for a city traumatized by terror.
We call out to them: You are not alone!

May you find strength
In the loving concern of those
Who condemn violence and terror;
In the selfless devotion of the first responders
Who came to your aid;
In the prayers and good wishes
Of people everywhere
Who are thinking of you in this dark hour.

We know, we believe with complete faith,
That violence is never the answer;
That those who learn to speak to one another
Can create a world of harmony and peace.

This poem was written right after the Boston Marathon bombing. I found it heartfelt and tender without being maudlin; I found it to be like a prayer without mentioning a diety. Let’s continue to work towards peace, love and understanding to create a world where violence is unnecessary. 

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