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A New Day

Sometimes I deliberate about whether I should do something or not do it, and when I finally make up my mind, I feel like, “What took me so long!”

So I’ve been writing, I’ve been editing, I’ve been thinking, I’ve been creative. Why haven’t I posted on my blog in so long? It takes discussions with Jonathan Maberry, Don Lafferty and Scott Edelman to help light the fire under me to get me going. Thank you, Gents, for doing so. My plan now is to post at least once a week, and if possible (the goal), daily.

I’ve been attending Jonathan’s Short Story class for the past five months. I think I’ve got some wonderful and helpful information for entering the short story market, but since I’m working outside of my comfort zone, it’s taking me a while. I like flash fiction, and I can hardly believe I’ve written a 2,500 word piece of fiction.

Tune back in to see if I can keep my promise to myself of blogging as a habit.



Learning a lot at the 5th class.

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