Writing as self-expression … and release.


I’m very, very, VERY happy to report that my non-fiction story, THE PRICE IS RIGHT, has been published in NOT YOUR MOTHER’S BOOKS . . . On Being a Woman, available in Barnes & Noble! This story is part of a “new anthology for a new century.” (Dahlynn McKowen, Editor.) This series of anthologies is very different; all NYMBs are hip, modern, fun and even daring! NYMB … On Being a Woman is the first title in the series, with another 30+ titles under development. All stories are true!

SO much of the credit goes to Jonathan Maberry for helping me to develop my short story skills. I’m a proud graduate of his SHORT STORY class.

NYMB . . . On Being a Woman is available at most bookstores and online at Amazon.com, and as an e-book.

The stories included were carefully selected from hundreds of submissions, and all are enjoyable!

Book Cover

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