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The Learning Experience

Spent my afternoon learning. What’s wrong with that? 🙂

Liar Keith Strunk imparted good information at the Writers’ Coffeehouse at the Willow Grove Barnes and Noble this afternoon. Even though the majority of discussion was on screenplays and screenwriting (after all, it’s his specialty!), there was enough other craft discussion to make it — as usual — worthwhile attending.

The Sales Pitch!

Hard to believe that I forgot the sales information. HERE’S HOW TO BUY THE BOOK:

1. You can go to Barnes & Noble. If they’re out, simply order it! They charge $16.95 plus tax.

2. You can go online to amazon. The ISBN is 9781938778001. Not sure what they charge.

3.  You can get it by emailing me at ruthlittner@gmail.com and I will charge $12.00 plus shipping. No handling charge! 🙂

#3 is my personal choice; if you can, please order that way.

Thanks for your order!




I’m very, very, VERY happy to report that my non-fiction story, THE PRICE IS RIGHT, has been published in NOT YOUR MOTHER’S BOOKS . . . On Being a Woman, available in Barnes & Noble! This story is part of a “new anthology for a new century.” (Dahlynn McKowen, Editor.) This series of anthologies is very different; all NYMBs are hip, modern, fun and even daring! NYMB … On Being a Woman is the first title in the series, with another 30+ titles under development. All stories are true!

SO much of the credit goes to Jonathan Maberry for helping me to develop my short story skills. I’m a proud graduate of his SHORT STORY class.

NYMB . . . On Being a Woman is available at most bookstores and online at Amazon.com, and as an e-book.

The stories included were carefully selected from hundreds of submissions, and all are enjoyable!

Book Cover

A New Day

Sometimes I deliberate about whether I should do something or not do it, and when I finally make up my mind, I feel like, “What took me so long!”

So I’ve been writing, I’ve been editing, I’ve been thinking, I’ve been creative. Why haven’t I posted on my blog in so long? It takes discussions with Jonathan Maberry, Don Lafferty and Scott Edelman to help light the fire under me to get me going. Thank you, Gents, for doing so. My plan now is to post at least once a week, and if possible (the goal), daily.

I’ve been attending Jonathan’s Short Story class for the past five months. I think I’ve got some wonderful and helpful information for entering the short story market, but since I’m working outside of my comfort zone, it’s taking me a while. I like flash fiction, and I can hardly believe I’ve written a 2,500 word piece of fiction.

Tune back in to see if I can keep my promise to myself of blogging as a habit.



Learning a lot at the 5th class.

Pigeon Holing

I’m doing a lot of thinking about what to name my blog. I even attended a workshop with Jerry Waxler, who discussed the importance of a strong, relevant name. Here’s my issue:  I’m ALMOST (using that term again) at the point where I want to shop around my manuscript, LIVING WITH GHOSTS. This narrative non-fiction memoir is an exploration of the ripple effect of post-traumatic stress disorder on three generations — my parents, the Survivors, me as the direct descendant, and my children — as a result of the Holocaust.

But, besides memoir (thank you Jerry Waxler), I also dabble in flash fiction (thank you Randall Brown), science fiction (thank you Robert Silverberg), personal essay (thank you Chris Ortwein), and humor (thank you to the late Erma Bombeck). Ergo, I cannot focus my blog or its name solely on memoir or generational impact. I’m looking for a broader scope of terminology to define my writing, which at this point, is all over the board. Or all over the notebook. Or all over the laptop. Too messy.

So, if you have a catchy name, please consider letting me in on it! Thanks!


Benefit for L.A. Banks

Liar’s Club member and fabulous writer L.A. Banks is suffering from a grave disease which is not only sapping her family emotionally, but also financially. There will be a fundraising event this Saturday, August 6 at Smokey Joe’s in Philadelphia. Please reach into your hearts and pockets and support this event. The best description I’ve found is from J.A. Konrath. View the information and his blog here: http://jakonrath.blogspot.com. Hope to see you soon.


What’s New


Unbelievably, I STILL do not have a full-time job and I really thought I had marketable skills and experience. I’m not sure anymore what employers are seeking.

I’m on my last beta reader for my book, LIVING WITH GHOSTS, and soon (hopefully next week) will be sending the manuscript to two agents interested in receiving the entire manuscript. How exciting! In the meantime, I’m having fun editing and creating some flash fiction for both adults and children. I’m learning a lot about memoir from Jerry Waxler and about flash fiction from Randall Brown.

The Philadelphia Writers’ Conference was invaluable. Networking, information, handouts, new friends, all worth the price. I recommend it for all folks looking to get into a life of writing.

Back to writing.

Take care and keep smiling.


Up Next!

I’m feeling so excited because I’m getting closer and closer to pitching my book, LIVING WITH GHOSTS. I’ve got four very important folks reading it for content, flow, accuracy and grammar. Two of the readers are professional writers; two are forever linked to me because of our common bonds.

I’ve been working with some pretty cool folks, listening and listening and listening. Must be the key to learning!

Give me another month or two. I’m out of work so I’m feverishly searching for a new job and that is very time- and energy-consuming. I really believe that soon, I’ll be pitching! Just in time for Opening Day at Citizens Bank Park!

Keep a smile on.

Hello world!

Hello, world!

Still rewriting my book, LIVING WITH GHOSTS.  I will begin this blog in November, hopefully around the 18th.  Please bear with me, and check back November 18!

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